33 Percent Rockstar Audible and Amazon Reviews

33 Percent Rockstar Audible and Amazon Reviews

Reviews of the music autobiography 33 Percent Rockstar on Amazon and Audible.

Fly on the wall of another lifestyle

Published on Audible.com by Matt

Half expecting a book of wishful thinking peppered with trite tall tales I’ve got to admit that I was hooked with an early revelation about the use of a first guitar, which I imagine many will relate to and struck me as distinctly and refreshingly honest, and gave me a chuckle. Accepting that we each only have one life, I sometimes enjoy putting myself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand and relate to how they’ve lived their lives, experiencing things that I never will and making decisions I’d never get to make. This story didn’t feel like a polished piece of PR spin, and that’s a great quality, it felt like an invite to be fly-on-the-wall of a person who followed their passion and desire. It might have not have led to super stardom and mega riches, as the vast majority don’t I suppose, but it did create a wealth of experiences which are well told in a raw and believable style. Great insight into another life/style.

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A peek inside a life I haven’t lived

Published on Amazon.com by Anthony

I’ve seen the cliches on TV and in movies about the rock star life. But I wondered what a music career that wasn’t Sammy Hagar’s or Eddie van Halen’s looked like. This book was brutally honest about how the author didn’t make money, drove cross country in treacherous vans, and slept in uncomfortable places. It describes a life lived. No rock star cliches here. If you are curious, like me, about the real life of a person chasing their dream, doing what they love, here is a insightful memoir. Most of all, I appreciate that Sterling didn’t try to inject a moral into his story. The words speak for themselves. His regrets, his triumphs, and ultimately, his enduring passion for music. A good read, well-written.

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Advice for all wanna be musicians

Published on Amazon.com by Dave

This brought back lots of memories, and I am glad I quit when I did. You will realize Its a lot more than being able to play.

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