33 Percent Rockstar Music Autobiography Audiobook

33 Percent Rockstar Audiobook

33 Percent Rockstar Audiobook by S.C. Sterling

The 33 Percent Rockstar Audiobook is available on Audible.com and for sale ranging from $9.99 to 19.99 depending on membership or sale. It can purchased for the reduced price of $7.49 when you the Kindle edition is bought first.

Audiobook Details
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
Length: 6 hrs and 13 mins
Category: Bios and Memoirs > Artists, Writers, and Musicians

Fly on the wall of another lifestyle

Half expecting a book of wishful thinking peppered with trite tall tales I’ve got to admit that I was hooked with an early revelation about the use of a first guitar, which I imagine many will relate to and struck me as distinctly and refreshingly honest, and gave me a chuckle. Accepting that we each only have one life, I sometimes enjoy putting myself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand and relate to how they’ve lived their lives, experiencing things that I never will and making decisions I’d never get to make.

This story didn’t feel like a polished piece of PR spin, and that’s a great quality, it felt like an invite to be fly-on-the-wall of a person who followed their passion and desire. It might have not have led to super stardom and mega riches, as the vast majority don’t I suppose, but it did create a wealth of experiences which are well told in a raw and believable style. Great insight into another life/style.

By Eire

“Live music isn’t all about the big boys..”

A good representation of what it’s like to be in a band in the lower reaches. It’s more about hours of boredom followed by 30 minutes of total terror.

By Alastair