Audiofile Review of 33 Percent Rockstar Audiobook Book

Audiofile Review of 33 Percent Rockstar Audiobook Book

Narrator Eric Jason Martin’s dry delivery elevates this likable memoir about a Denver bass player who is trying to break out of the local music scene. Don’t expect to hear a typical rock star autobio. There are no hit records, national acclaim, or hefty royalty statements. Nope, this is the story of musical bottom dwellers who are willing to play at a dive bar with eight patrons, then drive all night in a smelly van, wearing sweaty clothes, to get home in time for a day job and a weekend hangover. Martin is the right “frontman” for this audiobook because he doesn’t play the funny bits for laughs and doesn’t milk the heartbreaking incidents for sentimentality. The result is a realistic account of a journeyman musician.

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Portland, Maine
[Published: JANUARY 2020]

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